Process of Drying Cape Peeled Peaches

Process of Drying Cape Peeled Peaches

Cape Peeled Peaches is one of our core products.
The process of drying is not always as simple as it seems.

Here Are A Few Basic Principles To Follow:

1. After the previous harvesting season, the trees undergo a specific pruning process to maximize the size and yield. Together with natural rainfall we also follow a strict irrigation plan.

2. When it is harvesting time, we carefully hand pick our fresh Peaches where after they go through a pitting and peeling process.

3. We then dry them in the direct sunlight and depending on the weather, it normally takes about 4 – 6 days.

4. When the moisture content is correct and acceptable according to South African Agricultural Specifications, we hand pack them into 10kg boxes and store them under the correct BRC regulations.

5. On orders, we also pack them into smaller sizes for our local market.

This year, we’ve changed one (3) of the steps. We have installed drying tunnels which decreases drying time and giving our international customers a more competitive product in line with even the strictest sulphur regulations.

Peaches are low in calories and should be a favourite with people on restricted weight loss diets. Peaches are packed with vitamin C. They contain properties to lower high cholesterol and blood pressure levels. This fruit aids digestion, prevents constipation, helps prevent etc.

This is the perfect product to add to your breakfast, salads, traditional South African dishes like ‘Potjie-kos’.

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